Exprienced Personnel

The skill level of personnel provides a competitive advantage. Depending on the years of exprience of its personnel, PDKC offers a wide variety of drilling engineering services.

Quality Assurance, Customer Orientation

Petro Darian Kish is obligated to assure the quality of its products and services and increasing the clients’ satisfaction by providing their requests and by meeting their expectations is considered the highest purpose of this company.

Safety at Work, Protecting the Environment

Petro Darian Kish starts all its projects by HSE rules and guidelines. Implementing the safety measures at work and protection of the environment is considered both a moral obligation and an operational requirement.

Innovative Technologies

PDKC have developed relations with innovative companies and universities through out the world to improve its services and bring new technologies and new solutions to Iranian oil market. By bringing new technologies PDKC can provide solutions for many of the current problems faced by other drilling companies.