Drilling Optimization

In today’s oil market, optimizing the drilling and production of each well to increase its efficiency by either increasing its production rate or reducing the cost of the produced oil, has become a major interest for all oil and gas companies.

PDKC in cooperation with innovative and pioneer companies in the world provides services based on new technologies in oil and gas industry aimed to optimize drilling and production of the well. 

I.Oil Recovery Enhancement Services

Novel tertiary recovery techniques such as polymer flooding and hydraulic fracturing and new technologies beyond tertiary such as plasma pulse streamer are provided to enhance the recovery factor of wells.

In addition to that, PDKC provides innovative environmentally friendly well stimulation methods such as plasma pulse technology and green acid.

III.Loss Control Services

By using novel technologies, new methods of loss control such as profile liners are provided. Also, PDKC provides mud additives that are specifically designed for loss control both for partial and total loss situations


IV.Drilling Optimization Consultancy

PDKC in cooperation with its foreign joint ventures provides consultancy for drilling optimization. Benefiting from an expert team of drilling engineers, reservoirs engineers, optimization engineers and completion engineers, a unique environment has been presented for well optimization consultancy services. 

V.Sand Control Services

PDKC as a part of its production optimization services provides Expandable Sand Screens from respectable manufacturers in oil industry. An expandable sand screen (ESS) is a compliant sand-control solution for non-uniform, high-fines environments. While expanding compliantly against the wellbore to eliminate annular space and provide borehole support, ESS technology filters all but the smallest sand grains.

VI.Pipe Cleanout & Deposits Prevention Services

PDKC as a part of its production optimization services provides equipment for protection and clearing of oil-field, oil-refining and petrochemical equipment from ARPD, carbon and other deposits. It prevents carbon producing in inner production lines and units, greatly decreases APR and other deposits inside oil tubes and oil transfer/petroleum refining lines, increases oil well productivity greatly, and also carry out cleaning and protection of oil tube inner walls and oil-field equipment without well shutdown and protects pipelines from depositing of inner corrosion and hardness salts, ARP and other compounds.